Shooting The Afghan Whigs tonight, I have a lot to do before the concert thought. First, I have to print my CV and make some lunch, then I have to charge my batteries and edit some photos. I am looking forward to the show, seen the band two times before, always a great show.



Haven’t worked too much lately since I had a lot of homework from school and also I have been kind of lazy with bookings. Now I am available for bookings again and I look forward to photograph everyone that wants to get shot by me. The festival that I am running, Gothenburg Hardcore Fest is doing pretty well also! Had a meeting earlier this week with the venue and the catering guy, can’t wait for 29th April to come. My festival is sponsored by Vans now as well and I can’t wait to get the stuff for the festival!

Here is a photo of me shooting Kristian Anttila last week!


Last few days


Hmm… what have I been up to these last few days? On Thursday I first recorded with my new band Alliah and had a lot of fun even tho we didn’t got to much done. After the recording we had a photo shoot with my friend Andy Hayball. Later on I were going to catch up with my other friend in their rehearsal room. We jammed some songs and I really enjoyed it! We walked on to an bar before we were going to Jazzhuset to film the singer Martin Elisson of Hästpojken and Bad Cash Quartet. I also had a great weekend with my girlfriend with loads of fun.


Studio shoot!


I’m really in the mood for photography and I love to practice it! I really want to get into the Gothenburg Photography High School (even though It’s one year until I can it’s time to search) and I want to be as ready that I possibly can. I have planned some shoots that I want to do for my portfolie, so I hope it will be a lot of photographing now…

Today I shot my friend Tobias. This was the first time I photographed him, but I have planned an another shoot with him within the week. He was easy to work with and I like the results!

Concert booker?


Lately I have started to think that I might want to continue arranging concerts, especially after yesterday… I have got a offer that I just can’t deny and I will try everything to make this concert MINE! Haha… Well, I have listened to the artist a lot lately and I’d love to see hir/them live. Also, people seem to like my Gothenburg Hardcore Fest and I’m glad to see that! I am also going to an meeting with Vans today.


P3 Guld Awards

P3 Guld Awards

Yesterday’s P3 Guld Awards was a highlight of the year already. I got to go to the awards along with my girl, Maja and my friends, Joe, Jakob and Robin. The red carpet was a bit tiering this year since there were not a lot of musicians who I listen to who attended except from Silvana Imam and At The Gates. But it was good fun even thought it was a lot of waiting. The awards in it self was really fun, it was great to see all those acts that I haven’t heard of before and Silvana did a ridiculously amazing appearance, best show I’ve seen in a while. The most fun was the after party at Elite Park Avenue, of course. I first met Dennis Lyxzén (Refused, INVSN…) in the stairs and he was great as always. I took some mingle photos of celebrities before I had to get something to eat from the fantastic buffé. The party went on until late in the night and I had a fantastic evening. I will be back for P3 Guld 2016 for sure!



Yesterday night was hectic… As soon I came home from band rehearsal I had to pick up my new Yongnuo flash and then I had to buy som rechargeable batteries and a battery charger… After that I got home to eat a bit before I had to go to my cousins dad to borrow a Tamron 70-300mm lens. Not my first choise, but I’m glad that I can borrow it from him!

This weekend will be all P3 Guld Awards, I’ll write more about that later. The gear I will use is: Canon 7D, Canon BGE7, Canon 50mm f/2.8, Canon 24mm f/2.8, Canon 18-135mm f/3.5, Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5, Yongnuo Speedlight 560 III and my Macbook Pro.




Tried out one of the Yongnuo flashes and I really like them! I ordered mine a week ago but haven’t received it yet, so I borrowed one from my friend Andy. I mostly needed it for the upcoming P3 Guld Awards after party, but I will use it for some other shoots as well.

Yesterday I met up with my friend Sixten who had been away for a while, it was good fun! We first got together to grab something to eat at Jonsborgs and then we figured that we could take some photos. For those of you who have followed me on other social medias knows that I’ve photograph Sixten a lot before as well. I really liked the results as well!

Today will be fun as well with two different shoots.